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The torch gutters in the night air, sending shadows dancing to the edge of your vision. Something skitters across the path in the dim light before you, while a low growl rumbles through the trees like thunder. All around, hungry eyes reflect their malevolent intent. 

Rich and earthy, this dark roast will keep your senses sharp and your purpose resolute. 

For the acolytes of the bean: Sumatran Bener Meriah Mandheling (Grade 1).

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Holahan
Quick delivery and delicious

I love a dark roast and Torchbearer really hits the spot. This is my second order of the stuff and it has not disappointed. Delivery is fast too, but it’d be worth a longer wait.

Dan H
Exactly what it says it is.

Delicious. Today was my third morning with Torchbearer, and it’s delicious, bold and strong. I love it!

Kendra Miller
Awesome and delicious

This coffee is so good. We did drink it for game night and we did play a longer game than usual😂.

Roundtable Con
Perfect Roast for any Con

I met Logan at Con on the Cob and loved the whole marketing angle, but then I tasted the coffee! Wow! Get yourself a bag of beans or course ground for the French press so you don't have to drink crappy hotel coffee!

Fantastic service

Quick to answer questions! And strengths of coffees is very accurate to the bags rating. Raising the dead is a must have rez potion.