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Good news! You no longer have to drink your favorite caffeinated beverage straight from the pot. In their spare time, our Dwarven roastmasters came up with a new invention. We’re calling it a mug. 

Customer Reviews

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Good mug, even better customer service

I ordered a mug along with two packs of coffee. Unfortunately the mug arrived broken but the good folks at Caffeinated Kobold sent me a replacement one without any problem or question. They were a pleasure to deal with, they even threw in a personalized note and stickers.

Jared Sartin
Only way to chug brew

With the vitality of an orc warrior and the naivety of a goblin, the kobold is the most likely to throw back a steaming hot coffee. Channel your inner kobold with these mugs; chug, chug, ooh that’s hot, chug.

Kidding aside, don’t chug hot coffee, leave that to the kobolds, but this is a great vessel for caffeine consumption. Now to fill it with the bean-holders brew.

Tim Virnig

What else would you drink your coffee out of? Perfect size and great art make that delicious brew even better.