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The party stalks the tomb-quiet halls, straining against the dark for signs of the beast.  It’s bulbous, gliding form leaves no tracks in the ancient dust that their boots kick up with each step.  Suddenly, the torchlight reveals the menacing visage of the beast: one glaring eye, six bean-clutching claws, and a mouth full of dagger-sharp teeth.  They have found their quarry at last!  Or has it found them?

Dark and oily, this blend of beans from around the world is perfect for espresso lovers or adventurers looking for a little more strength in their cup.  Truly, beauty is in the hands of the Bean-Holder!

Customer Reviews

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Great coffee! Amazing customer service!

I recently bought several bags of various coffee for friends for the holidays and ended up keeping a bag of the Bean Holder for myself. I absolutely loved it. I wouldn't say I am qualified enough to speak eloquently about the various tones and how well it was roasted but I have enjoyed every cup I made. My friends have all had pleasant things to say as well.

I did have a slight shipping issue that was promptly corrected. I seriously can't say enough good things about their customer service. Shout out to Logan! Cheers!

Larry Neal Jr
Great coffee and service

My order arrived quickly and well packed, both the mug and 2 lbs of whole bean in two different varieties. I prefer single origin, but enjoy blends as well. The coffee is roasted well, has amazing aroma and body, and French presses well (my favorite method) I have pour over and an old school percolator at my disposal but really, there is no need for that, this is really good coffee. The espresso blend is dark, inviting and smoky, NOT over roasted, a HUGE deal that some "chains" want to convince you is normal, burnt beans are not nirmal. The medium roast is that good kind of complex you can only get from a blend, and is well mated and also expertly roasted. I even like the packaging, and as a lifelong board gamer wholeheartedly support their merging of these two singular parts of my life. I am blessed to have a fantastic coffee roaster in my hometown less than 10 minutes from me, and they are excellent. Caffeinated Kobold just made my list, a monumental achievement seeing as they are across the country! If you like your coffee bold, and love to taste the bean and not syrup, sugar, caramel etc. Then do yourself a favor and order some of this. Support good gaming and great coffee, it's worth it.

Colleen Dent

SOOOOOOO good!!!! i wish i bought another bag! will definitely order more!