Why Coffee?

A letter from the founder

It's hard to describe the joys of gaming to those who have never experienced them.  Whether roleplaying your third straight Halfling rogue, building the perfect counter to that annoying Blue control deck, or successfully hiding the fact that you are indeed the werewolf, gaming provides the foundation for some of the most memorable interactions.  I've spent countless hours around a table with my friends doing all of the above, and I can think of few things that have given me as much enjoyment.  I decided that my goal in life was to share that feeling with as many people as I can.

So why coffee then?  Fair question.  When trying to figure out how to help people find their own fun gaming experiences I went through lots of options, like introducing new players to gaming, helping seasoned gamers find new things to play, and even designing my own games.  One evening, in a late-night design session, I looked down and thanked my mug of coffee for giving me the ability to power through the hours.  That's when it hit me: I could help people get those experiences simply by keeping them going!  Thus began Caffeinated Kobold.




All artwork provided by the talented Matt Gipson. Check out his work here: