Tavern Blend

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The dragon has been felled, the hoard looted, and the celebratory kegs emptied. Now it’s morning, your head is throbbing, your purse is empty, and the mage is passed out under the table. Then the smell of fresh coffee hits your nose. You don’t need the cleric to tell you that it’s the drink of the gods.

A well-balanced, medium roast perfect for daily drinking or fighting off a post dragon-slaying hangover.  

For the acolytes of the bean: Nicarugua Los Pinos (strictly high grown).

Customer Reviews

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As good as always

Tavern Blend is good and solid coffee - being stuck in quarantine, I need a lot of caffeine to keep me awake and running during classes, and this has become my go to. It's a great coffee to sip away on throughout the day.

Jacob B
Potion of Awake +5 (Stars)

This Potion of Awake +5 is well worth your money! Absolutely well crafted. I now drink (coffee) two times a day it is that good. Excellent for waking up before going on an adventure and/or doing that daily grind.

Yes yes yes!

Tasty and fresh beans baby! I had been wanting to try this coffee for a while and finally got some. I recommend this to all coffee drinkers, flavor is yummy and not too strong. Support your local rpg offshoot company!


I honestly didn't have my hopes too high. As I get older, the more "gourmet" coffees taste like dirt and I'd rather dump them (and I often do). But what does one sip on in the mornings while enjoying the quiet before the day begins? So, I keep trying in the hopes that one day, I shall enjoy again.
And that day is finally here! Smooth and not bitter, this is the finest coffee I have had in years (and maybe forever, which is a mighty long time).

Jason Gross
Beyond expectations

I was not a coffee drinker until recently. Frankly, I still do not enjoy the flavor of coffee. I drink it for effect with a baby crawling around the house now. Yet, I also am not interested in loading up my morning coffee with a bunch of cream or sugar. So with all of that said, I was looking for a coffee that would be effective and not drown me in bitter or strong flavor.

Having become somewhat accustomed to my new necessary but generally not so enjoyable morning routine, I have been very pleasantly surprised with my first several cups of Tavern Blend. The flavor is smooth, the coffee is strong, and my experience has been improved.