Tavern Blend

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The dragon has been felled, the hoard looted, and the celebratory kegs emptied. Now it’s morning, your head is throbbing, your purse is empty, and the mage is passed out under the table. Then the smell of fresh coffee hits your nose. You don’t need the cleric to tell you that it’s the drink of the gods.

A well-balanced, medium roast perfect for daily drinking or fighting off a post dragon-slaying hangover.  

For the acolytes of the bean: Nicarugua Los Pinos (strictly high grown).

Customer Reviews

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Delicious, dark and mysterious

Delicious, dark and mysterious like a good fantasy tavern should be. High quality coffee beans that a roasted to perfection. It almost makes you want to give up your flagon of mead.

Brew for the Crew

Made a pot of this for my last Dungeons & Dragons stream show session. We all loved it and had an amped up game! This brew is full of flavor and makes a tasty treat.


Drinking the Tavern Blend you would not know it's a medium bodied coffee.. It's as smooth as any light roast but has the firm undertones of any good medium blend. No bitterness at all from the first sip to the last drop!

Top marks

Tavern Blend by earned top marks from our dungeons and dragons group last night. The first reaction after brewing was “omg smell this! its amazing.” The coffee was bold and rich with minimal bitterness. The aroma was delightful. We drink a lot of coffee and this brand became an instant favorite. We will be ordering more, and suggest you try it too!

Switched From "Pods" Immediately

I'm relatively new to whole bean coffee and grinding it myself. I have had a pod machine for the last 5 years and was content with the ease and speed at which my coffee was made. Never really thought about the taste... it was a nice warm temperature... that's all that matters right? I was wrong! After trying out the Tavern Blend, and figuring out how to brew it with the perfect ratio of water to beans... it has changed my life! The difference is immediate, with a wonderful flavor that has me thinking about waking up earlier each morning just so I can make that delicious cup of joe! It did take me a few days to learn how to brew, but now I've got the hang of it and usually takes at most 5 minutes to get a full pot made. My wife and I are very thankful we found this amazing blend of virtue and happiness.