Raise the Dead

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Prepare to enter into a dark pact. Powerful enough to wake the oldest bones, this necromantic brew harnesses an otherworldly energy. Rise. RISE!

*Warning: This blend contains twice the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee!  For desperate souls and trained necromancers only.

For the acolytes of the bean: Indonesian Robusta.

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Olsen
Hot damn!

We know of quite a bit good coffee blends as we lived in a town with 2 roasters. This was quite the pleasant surprise to us. Coffee roasters are like online board game reviewers, over saturated. With all 3 of these blends, we knew right from the beginning that this company knows what they are doing.

Not your typical same tasting stuff, but quite the variety of flavors that come with each bag. We have done it all with these: Pour over, Espresso and the quality continues to shine through no matter the medium.

Looking forward to pairing many cups of coffee with board games/ d & d.

Jared Sartin
Was a goner, this brought me back

Boy was my mom surprised to see me. Having been dead for 3 weeks, this coffee brought me back.

Kidding aside, this is some good coffee. Really packs a punch and brings back the feels of sitting in the donut shop as a kid!

Made my first cup of “Raise the Dead”

The coffee has a nice rich flavor with minimal bitterness (I do always add a pinch of salt to my grounds before steeping to cut bitterness) and a nice full body. The extra caffeine was a welcome pick me up this morning as I was feeling lazy, but didn’t leave me jittery (probably a sign I drink too much coffee 😂) Definitely a coffee I would buy repeatedly.

Ryan Strouse
For those long days (or nights)!

Ever try to stay awake longer than your body physically wants you to? Tried chugging energy drink after energy drink and only left with a nasty feeling in your stomach and bad aftertaste? No longer! This coffee is packed with caffeine, and has a pretty good flavor to go along with it! You can now fully enjoy the extra hours you are staying awake to complete whatever critical task that needs to be completed before the next morning (or night)!.