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Black Orchestra, Games, review -

I learned several years ago that I have a type of game. I didn’t figure this out when I was a child playing The Omega Virus, or during one of my first GenCons while playing Space Hulk: Death Angel, but during a particularly loud communal sigh as I proposed we play The Grizzled… again. “Why do you only ever want to play depressingly difficult cooperative games?”, one of my friends pleaded. It was true, I realized. I loved games that were more about banding together against a common enemy (ie. the board) far more that games that pit us against...

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everdell, Games, review -

I’ll be the first to admit that I am, and probably always will be, a sucker for good art and visuals.  In the tech world, it’s what keeps me constantly upgrading my graphics card or eyeballing the newest TVs.  In the gaming world, nine times out of ten, it’s what grabs my interest and makes me want to play a particular game.  This is nothing novel, especially to game developers and marketers. Still, it’s worth noting that Everdell and its beautiful art had me in the palm of its hand before I even started playing. Mechanically, Everdell is a worker...

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Games, review, tokyo highway -

For a person who commutes almost 2 hours a day, a game about highways immediately raises my hackles. As he proceeded to open the box, my friend James was at the sharp end of my gaze.  He assured me that it was “going to be fun”. I didn’t feel any better when I saw a handful of grey popsicle sticks and pair of tweezers (yes, tweezers), among other vaguely familiar shapes. I begrudgingly allowed him to continue.   The premise of the game is simple enough: build roads, place cars on said roads, don’t knock shit over.  All of these...

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