Going together like coffee and gaming

Going together like coffee and gaming

It might not seem like coffee and gaming have a lot in common, but I believe that they share far more than most people realize.  First, is a matter of depth.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never heard of coffee or knew what a board game was; however, most people’s experience with either of these is often limited to the Starbuckses and Monopolys of the world.  To those passionate about coffee or gaming, there is a great deal more than what lies on the surface.  Serious coffee enthusiasts will talk your ear off about their favorite coffee region, roast type, or brewing method.  The same is true about gaming enthusiasts, though you’re more likely to hear about which role playing system they prefer, which new games are worth playing, or who the best developers are.  These conversations will also expose another similarity: perspective and subjectivity.

Just like movies, music, and wine, coffee and games have their own critics and ratings, and there is no shortage of opinion telling you what’s good and what’s not.  While there will always be a few universally agreed upon “good” and “bad” games/coffees/movies/etc., far more often things fall somewhere in between.  I’ve notice that my two favorite things, coffee and gaming, are incredibly personal and likes and dislikes are very subjective.  One of my greatest joys has been in helping filter through all these choices and find the thing that resonates most with them, whether it’s a great cup of coffee or their new favorite game (or better yet, both).  It’s something that I hope to do more of through this blog.

Finally, and in my opinion most importantly, both are meant to be shared.  There is a communal nature to each.  Coffee is brewed by the pot and shared with others, be they family, friends, or just the other people at the coffee shop.  It is sipped over conversation, at the kitchen table, and in meetings.  It is inherently social.  Games are much the same.  They let people roleplay together, solve mysteries together, or simply spend time in each other’s company.  They too are inherently social. 

Maybe it’s this last reason that appeals most to me, that makes the two so obviously similar.  In my own opinion, it’s the act of coming together with others and creating memorable experiences that I most enjoy.  It’s the thing that I want to help others do, whether it’s through games or coffee or, how I prefer it, both.  I want to help people find and fill their table.

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